Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Schtuff

Its getting all western in here

Your gun is digging into my hip, oH god!!!

The antics never stop at Cocksucker Industries inc.

I just watched "The Phantom Menace"
I drew this same drawing two different times just because it was fun. This girl at work came into the room and saw me drawing it both times....ahh we had a good laugh....then I had to destroy her..dun dun dun!!!!


Baron said...

Great pics! Love the chosen one!

The Raven Flight said...

that little dipshit (oh how i love that word) grows up to be a real wanker, i've seen the future

macaronni said...

You should use that design and some other that match the 'Chosen One' design to remake the famous

Samuel L Jackson Mace Windu scene.

"Ooh Ooh!! Me Mace!! I know the answer!"

Bearuh said...

You should add some color!!! You have some awesome sketches

Anonymous said...

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