Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NBC news & Melbourne International Animation Festival

Howdy doody there kiddy poos. It's your old pal Steve Stark here to tell you that Turducken was invited to be screened in competition (in the late night program) in Melbourne International Animation festival 2009.

Fun fun!! I've never been invited into a festival before. Come to think of it, I've never been invited anywhere....Ever. Now I can finally stop crying myself to sleep & crying myself awake daily.


I just got word that a segment from Turducken was included on NBC for a promo for LA Comedy shorts 09. It happens to be the only part of the cartoon that I voiced. The Cheif of Police.

"You're on NBC Turducken!!"

I hope all you rascals out there in the internet lands are having a heck of a time.

Till next time..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LA Comedy Shorts 09

I had a great time in LA this weekend. So I thought I put up a whole bunch of pics.
LA Comedy shorts was so fun. Great parties, Great people, Great free stuff.

It's me!

An orange I found in a drawer in the hotel room. Weird.

My Buddy Tak came down to LA as well. My old friend and classmate Michael Fallik from good old Class 55 was there as well. Good to have some friends there in LA. One of my other friends was supposed to come as well, but he bitched out.

The Gun Club was awesome. You get a wicked high after shooting a gun. Kind of like the day after you get laid. Who knew!?

Shooting a Beretta

All those hours playing duck hunt did me well. If Zombies attack, give me a call. I can do head shots like it's no ones business.

Me chillin with Samwise Gamgee

The "Famous People talking about shit" panel

The Downtown Independent. Home of the 09' LA comedy shorts festival.

It kind of looks like we're stuck in that prison General Zod and gang where trapped into in Superman.


Gettin kneed in the face by Magic Johnson.

Friday's afterpary @ Luckystrike lanes

Us all hanging with Gary Anthony WIlliams
Festival Artistic Director

Jeannie Roshar
Festival Director

The last shot from LA at LAX.

Overall it was an awesome time. My Cartoon Turducken got a great showing. The other directors showing that night and I did a little Q&A with the audience which was pretty cool.

I met a ton of awesome people, laughed, attended parties, stayed in a great hotel (The Kyoto Grand-nice and cheap care of the festival) shot a gun, Ate at In & Out burger and ate some awesome Korean Bbq.

It was an awesome experience and I recommend that anyone who can make it to LA goes and checks that festival out. It is packed to the brim with awesomeness.