Thursday, October 29, 2009

For the Love of SMod 2

I love SModcast so much... I made another cartoon about it.

I did a limited animation of a excerpt from SModcast Episode 83: Aquatic Justice.

(I just shot the video of the sea in the opening credits this morning. A few blocks from my house.)

It of course stars our heroes Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier (Smosier Fish).

They go on a undersea adventure where they discover Sharks, Aquaman and Marijuana.

Nuff said.

Check it out on Youtube!

Check out SModcast at Quick Stop Entertainment Weekly!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bear-Horse.....IN 3D!!!

"Look away! It's hideous!!"

If you thought Bear-Horse ruled or sucked last time....... you are in for a treat!

Cause it will rule or suck once again in a new dimension. A third dimension. The sexiest dimension there is.

So get those 3d glasses ready this Friday the 23rd.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turducken @ The Austin Film Festival 2009

Hey...hey....hey..........hey! ...what are you doing? I don't know what you're doing but you know what you should be doing? Going to the Austin film festival to see Turducken!!!!

Sure if you don't live there its super costly...but hey Turducken will be in HD. Worth it? Anyone? C'monnnn!!!

AFF had a lot of requirements. I had to send 10 screeners of the film and a 1080p HD Turducken all quick like by Fedex.

screeners galore!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

F.C.C.F 2009 NY trip wrap up

Hey! What the heck is up?!

I've been home for a while and haven't posted a thing about the trip to NY. I've been busy. Doing stuff. Cool stuff. Like hanging outside the 7-11, trying my first cigarettes, and getting adults to buy alcohol for me. It's been great. I feel cool.

But enough of that! Time to show you what NY was like.

What do ya know? It's a big the big apple

You can see the Chrysler building on the way to the Friars Club.

This place is the one of the greatest places ever. The ultimate clubhouse. They even play Goodfellas music the whole time. So many celebrities of old have partied in this place. The Rat Pack, JFK, Marlyn Monroe, The Pope, Presidents, Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Scorcese, Robert De Niro, Chevy Chase, Richard Prior and so much more. They are in the pictures on the walls everywhere.

This is Ed Sullivan's giant head monument in the Ed Sullivan room.

Yes I even took a picture in the bathroom... It's possible I've peed in the same bathroom as JFK and the Pope. I'm putting that on my resume.

These pics are all from the Short Filmmakers party night on Friday the 25th.
Free booze? I was told that at the Friars it's always "Free". There is never and cash behind the bar. They do it old school where someone always covers it on their tab and they take care of it later. Awesome.

Scattered short filmmakers

Some of the super cool people I met at the fest.

That's my shocked face.

That's my drinking juice next to pictures face

Rockefeller center

Our friendly neighborhood reporter from the IFA on the left and Max Mentzer creator of "F word pizza". It's a good one.
Good people.

Some central park

Check out this sweet horse!

I gotta find that horse on facebook.

Outside the Paley Center

Inside the Paley center where the screenings and q&a's were.

Foggy Sunday.

I love Mcdonalds

Times square

This last photo is a pic from The Salt Lake city airport. (One of my stopovers). Or S.L.U.T. >> Salt lake city, Utah.

Overall it was an awesome experience. I met some super cool people, Eric and Charlie that ran the festival were awesome & The Friars club was godly. I felt unworthy in it's presence. It was really great of them to fly me out there. I thanked them profusely anytime I could.

I also didn't get murdered in the hostel I stayed at! Bonus!

Lastly, I leave you with a brief video of times square