Thursday, May 14, 2009

I could be a thousandaire!!!

Well like my great ancestor Pete "Old Money Bags" Maginty (pictured above) I could win $1000.
Turns out one of my Starktoons Vault toons made it into this contest on

Here were the rules>>>

the film must be:

1 minute or less
created in Flash
deemed wonderful by our FEST database
created by yourself
not stolen from youtube
contain genitals (optional)


I guess my "Horrific Video" was deemed wonderful. That is glory. Pure, pure glory.
So if you feel like going over to Bigfish and voting....well, I'm not going to stop you. In fact I'm going to encourage you.

Think of the possessions I can obtain from this!!
Hot dogs!
Inflatable underwear!(incase I drown)
and maybe even living the dream by buying up some collectors coins.


Sunday, May 03, 2009


If you look to your right there you will see the Starktoons news guy I just animated. Fun!