Friday, August 27, 2010

Yuks instead of Yaks

What is up people. I have a hankering to help sick people laugh. Why you ask? Well, recently I was super sick & on some antibiotics. It was the worst. At one point I had to call 911 cause I thought I was on the way out. Never had to do that before. Don't want to do that again really either.

When sick you have terrible dreams and pretty terrible awakened times as well. I couldn't even watch anything dramatic. The only thing that helped me feel a little better was watching a whole bunch of comedy.

So I would like to help sick people get some yuks instead of yaks. Or maybe yuks inbetween the yaks. I have no idea how I can achieve this, but I'm putting it out there to you internet. Maybe I'll figure a way of doing this or maybe something is already in place that I can take part in.

Just wanted to put the word out there.

If you have any ideas on the subject or you are a funny fawker who thinks this is a good idea, throw me an email at

Highest of fives,

Steve-arino-bagino Stark

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hey L.A! This Saturday it's the SModimation SMectacular at the SModcastle.

Go eat cereal and watch cartoons in your pajamas!!

Go get your tickets

I Love LA! We Love it!