Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Podcast Revival

The Starktoons Podcast is back. It never really went anywhere, it's just that I hadn't touched it in a year. (haha touched it...)

I got a request for a download of FLS2. So now you can watch it on your Ipod/Iphone to your hearts content.

subscribe in itunes here!

Or if you are like "Fuck your podcast you jackass! I just want the FLS cartoons". I say...fair enough...little harsh. So while I'm crying myself to sleep you can download those 2 right now >>

FLS (right click & save as)

FLS2 (right click & save as)

From now on I swear to keep it up to date and put all my new cartoons up there. Or you can have my first born child. Seriously, take it...(I fear having children for at least 5 more years.)

Till next time!

-Shteeb Shtaarrk

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Toon: A Moment In History

Howdy partners! My new cartoon called "A Moment In History" is finished. Here are a couple of images from it.

It wont be going online right now because I'm going to send it off to some festivals.


I'm gonna mosey my way on to some new cartoons.

The next 2 in the works are "FLS 3" & "The Man with the Pussy Son" a duel directed cartoon by The Dave Wiebe and myself.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cartoon Hangover Redux

I got an email from Frederator letting me know that Bear-Horse's Cartoon Hangover Episode is on youtube today. When they first uploaded it, It was taken down right away due to the stock footage boobies in the intro/outro. It was too hot for youtube.

Who knew a couple of seconds of boobies were so controversial?

It's been put up again!!


Check out the censored C.H. Episode here

In honor of this occasion I present you with......Kool and the Gang! Singing their classic "Too Hot!"

Monday, January 04, 2010

Starktoons Promo, Interviews and SModcast.com

What up 2010ers? How was your New Years? Did you get wasted? Did you end up sleeping with someone you met at a gas station? eww..... you're gross....

Either way, good job! I'm proud of you.

Now on with some news bits>>

Starktoons Promo!

The fine ladies and gents over at Channel Frederator asked me if I wanted to do a 10 second promo. I said "Would I?!!" and made the shit out of one. (With the help Kathleen & Gang. Thanks Again!!)

Here it is....


I'm in the super cool Magazine done by my friend Kwanzo
. It's called Public and there's an interview in there of me and all kinds of other stuff. Check it out!


The Bear-Horse interview (which wasn't up when I posted the short) which is done by the awesome Bailee DesRocher


If you're on twitter or a fan of Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier or SModcast you already know...

www.smodcast.com is now the spot to get the SMod. It is super cool. Easy to use and see which guests are on what episode. Plus my 2 FLS toons are on the site. How cool is that? It's an honor to be on the site.

What's that old saying? If you love something....give it...fuck....hold on....... Umm, If you do something out of love...you get love?

I don't think that's a saying........fuckballs

Anyhoo, Check out the site!!

Till next time,

Peacy Weacy

-Steve Stark

Friday, January 01, 2010

Suck me sideways....

Turns out Turducken played with all the rest of the LATE NIGHT BIZZARE in the Sydney International Animation festival. No one even bothered to tell me. That's...that's awesome...


it ran on Saturday September 5th, 09

I just google searched to see if there was more....and behold!!


This one ran on Saturday October 24th, 09 in the Australian International.

Well what do ya know? You learn something new everyday.