Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Podcast Revival

The Starktoons Podcast is back. It never really went anywhere, it's just that I hadn't touched it in a year. (haha touched it...)

I got a request for a download of FLS2. So now you can watch it on your Ipod/Iphone to your hearts content.

subscribe in itunes here!

Or if you are like "Fuck your podcast you jackass! I just want the FLS cartoons". I say...fair enough...little harsh. So while I'm crying myself to sleep you can download those 2 right now >>

FLS (right click & save as)

FLS2 (right click & save as)

From now on I swear to keep it up to date and put all my new cartoons up there. Or you can have my first born child. Seriously, take it...(I fear having children for at least 5 more years.)

Till next time!

-Shteeb Shtaarrk