Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's my birthday, Have a cartoon

(That's me on the right...I've grown so old that I've turned into an old lady. It happens..)

I was going to hold off on uploading this new toon so I could submit to some festivals....Alas, I am short on funds. Plus I was thinking the other day (never tried it before!) and realized that the internet gives. All because of the internet I've won a super awesome cintiq and got a super awesome shout-out from Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.

Bless you internet. Bless you right in the face...

Thanks for everything!

Now, Step back in time & check out a cartoon based on a joke by my old buddy Steve Kan-Hai & myself. (Not unlike Goat Away!)

"Before you kids had your fancy cars and your pogo sticks we had horses. When those horses were cold, we had to start em' up like any of your fancy cars of today Consarnit!"