Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New/Old Series! Fuck YES!!

"Did somebody call for a model?!"

Whassa happenin'????

I have a 7 part series for you. Just for you.... you reading. I'm actually right behind you.... Na! I'm just fuckin' with you, I left hours ago.

This series known as "The Adventures of Attractive Man" has been sitting on my shelf for years. When I was making it in 08'-09' I was going through some confidence problems with it. I was like Eeyore. Whatever! Whoooo carreess.

A little later I watched the series high. I left myself a note on the dvd saying. "THIS ROCKS put it online!"

I put it online but told no one. The BEST way to put your stuff out there!

I gave it a look recently and I totally dig it.

So take a look!

It's basically a 7 part series of dick jokes. Hazzah!!!!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Bear horse B-tastic

I was submitting new cartoons for festivals and found out Bear-Horse won!!!

Bear Horse

Cool....Cool. I'm gonna email them and thank them rascals.