Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Store and 7 part DVD series

I recently finished up a new store design. It's designed after one of my favorite things on this food.

I used to eat alot more of it and now have dreams of it cause I can't really eat it. Oh how it's glorious....but I digress...

Check out the new STORE! I even hired a employee to man the till.

I'm not sure how to get flash to open things in a new window so that can be kind of annoying when you click on something. So if any of you internet-ers now the secrets of flash...lemme know.

On a second note,

Veronica Galvez of who I met in LA @ LA comedy shorts bought a Happy Dog T-shirt for her happy dog. I asked her to send me some photos of her dog wearing the T and she was kind enough to send some to me.
Check out her site! She is a talented photographer and a heck of a bowler.

Is that a happy dog or what?

On a third note,

The Adventures of Attractive Man is complete. A lowbrow, sick and twisted style 7 part comedy series. All done in glorious limited animation.

I compiled it all onto a DVD with plenty of Outtakes and Bloopers by the awesome cast. It was fun to do and went through a lot of learning while making this series.

Check out the trailer!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Turducken @ the Melbourne International Animation Festival

G'day Mates and plenty of other Austrailian sterotypes!

I'm going down on Mel......Down Under that is! At the Melbourne International Animation festival.

Turducken will be playing there with a bunch of other wicked cool films in the "LATE NIGHT BIZARRE".

I saw Mike Geigers "Cuddle Sticks" in NY at the Animation Block Parties opening night. As well as "Fantasie In Bubblewrap" played along with "Turducken" on the later Sunday shows for Animation Block party.

Very cool to be played among the list of films they have:

Click here to see em!

I'm playing along with Super Jail! Wooo!

Freakin wicked.