Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Store and 7 part DVD series

I recently finished up a new store design. It's designed after one of my favorite things on this food.

I used to eat alot more of it and now have dreams of it cause I can't really eat it. Oh how it's glorious....but I digress...

Check out the new STORE! I even hired a employee to man the till.

I'm not sure how to get flash to open things in a new window so that can be kind of annoying when you click on something. So if any of you internet-ers now the secrets of flash...lemme know.

On a second note,

Veronica Galvez of who I met in LA @ LA comedy shorts bought a Happy Dog T-shirt for her happy dog. I asked her to send me some photos of her dog wearing the T and she was kind enough to send some to me.
Check out her site! She is a talented photographer and a heck of a bowler.

Is that a happy dog or what?

On a third note,

The Adventures of Attractive Man is complete. A lowbrow, sick and twisted style 7 part comedy series. All done in glorious limited animation.

I compiled it all onto a DVD with plenty of Outtakes and Bloopers by the awesome cast. It was fun to do and went through a lot of learning while making this series.

Check out the trailer!!

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