Friday, July 03, 2009

Well Douche me silly..

Original Douchey drawings

Get ready to be Douched! Cause Douchey the Douchebag PSA is in this years Animation Block Party in NY.


Douchey plays right before Don Hertzfeldt's "I’m So Proud of You". Super cool. Everybody wants a douchebag to play right before their film. So Don, this douchebag is for you.

Check out the sweet ABP lineup!!!

Sadly I wont be able to make it to NY this year. NY is by far my favorite place. I wanna live there. Neigh! I gotta live there. Someday NY, you & I will be like the vinegar and water that makes up Douchey.

How many times can I say Douche in a write up? Count along friends...count along.

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