Friday, August 18, 2006

Fred- EX and the new film

Howdy Doody Partners,

Well turns out Im going to be part of a film full of crazy cool cartoonists. Im doing a little 10 second cartoon anijam style. Brought to you by the fine people at Channel Frederator.

It shall be called Fred-EX heres a link. Plenty of talent there, Proud to be a part of it.
Frederator blog - Fred EX

Also. I am nearly done animation on my new film. Which makes me happy right in the pantaloons. ROck on!!

Steamy Love,

EL Stevearino

1 comment:

macaronni said...

Yo Steve! Hope you're doing well these days. It seems that I'll be seeing a kick butt film very soon!

PS I don't know If you see this message at all.. I've been posting at you blog for some time.. But I don't see any of my words.. I hope this gets to you safely