Friday, October 05, 2007

Finished animating

I just finished animation for my new cartoon!! Yes!

It's all post production from here. Sweeet!


macaronni said...

You never seize to amaze me Steve-arino :O

Steve Stark said...

Haha Sweet thanks!

This whole past week I animated from the time I got up till 2 am. It was hardcore.

Just for the last scene.

WOOO! all doneski!

K+L said...

Dang !

K+L said...

I did life drawing a while back at Cap college a while back. Some co-workers go and a followed. I got to VFS on Sundays sometimes.

BTW, Can't wait to see the new short !! exxxxcited.

Steve Stark said...

Your excited!? Look at these nipples!

Sweet! Right now I'm trying to find a sound dude to do my new one. Maybe I'll swing by VFS.