Thursday, July 31, 2008

Animation Block Party 08' The 3 Birds and the Lunchlady

Hey all!

I attended this years Animation Block Party 2008 and it was great!

There is nothing like seeing your cartoons on the big screen. It is what it's all about.

image of Lunchlady playing at ABP

Awesome cartoons and free beer. Oh the memories!

I did some awesome sight seeing and met some new friends.

The Blarney Stone Crew

Turducken played here at BAM. It went great. Lot's of laughs. Sweet! It went so well I punched the first person I saw right in the teeth out of sheer excitement.


Good work America! NY is great. I'd love to live there. Who wouldn't!?

the hotel housekeeping tip. I will call him....Moneyface.


Louis-Etienne Vallee said...

Awesomeness !

macaronni said...

Appropriate name :D

Steve Stark said...

It was the teats fellas....the teats!