Monday, April 13, 2009

Goat Away!!

Hey people of earth. What's going on?

I've been super late in posting things. Just up to my gills in paper work, Buying socks, testing kites, doing full flips into shallow water and juggling jagged skull crushing rocks.

Sure these are important things, But not so important that I not inform you of the new little toon I did called "Goat Away".

It was voiced and written by my old friend Stephen Kan-Hai and I.

How did it come to be you ask? didn't ask that? Well, I'll tell you anyways...

Goat Away is based on a old inside joke based on our finding comedy in saying the name Bill.
It evolved to be a man slowly turning into a goat while saying the name Bill.
Over the years occasionally we would leave these inside jokes on each others answering machines.

We wrote it up over Christmas holidays and I animated it around January or so. I completely forgot about it. I am working on a 7 part series and writing a whole bunch so I kept forgetting to put it up on the old internet.

So if you haven't seen it here is some inside jokery turned cartoonery.

Or Youtube


viv said...

good stuff as usual
i especially like the May Cause part, who wont want to know all the possibilities besides slow painful death..
well done my friend

Sabrina Alberghetti said...

mmm...immaculate conception...

macaronni said...

I want Donkey-away! >:(

Steve Stark said...

haha thanks.

Yes Immaculate conception is delicious....maybe too delicious.

Who doesn't want Donkey-Away!?

Eduard Brazier said...

just saw your new film steve, amazing stuff... enjoyed the goat transformation and the humor with the may cause... lol

Steve Stark said...

Thanks buddy! Beeaaaaaalll!!!