Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Channel Frederator!

Happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday tooooo Yououoououououuouou~AHH!! YEAH!!!

Break out your favorite Jay-z or Snoop song and let's dance like no one has danced before. It's our old friend Channel Frederator's birthday!!

On this special occasion, some folks over at CF asked some of us animator types if we wanted to do a 4 second animation of what Fredbot would do on his birthday.

The only thing that came to mind....

Fredbot would be trying to talk his physiotherapist into an H.J.

After all that's what birthday's are all about. Am I wrong?

Click on Fredbot's smilin' face above to see the episode.

(Mines is about 2:45 in)

Have a heck of a bday there Frederator!

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