Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Turducken: The Series Promo

3 birds, 1 hero....Turducken the series!

This is a promo I'm sending out all over the place with the Turducken series pitch!! WoooO!

From episode:" Now paging Dr.Turducken"

From episode:"Turducken goes to College"

From episode:" Major League Turducken"

If you wanna see Turducken The Series on the old boob tube throw some love on the YouTube comments for me and maybe I can grassroots this rascal into existence.

I've had some luck in the past with a Canadian TV network. They didn't want to take the series but wanted to play the short. That just wasn't good enough...

I want it all!!....like a guy who just put up his house at a Vegas table and is considering putting up his children as collateral.

So it's to the US with me and my pitch.

Ah yes...the US....where dreams come true....where cartoons are played 24 hours...and candy falls from the sky


Click here to check out the Turducken Series PROMO

Check out the original short here

Buckets of love,

Steve Stark


From episode:" Turducken in Space!"

From episode:" Turducken the Western"

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macaronni said...

Dude... This is so awesome!