Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hitler eating the queen?!

Go check out the new SModcast. Where the awesome Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier chat about the new sponser of SMod.

I listened to it on Sunday and couldn't sleep. Cause they talk about me. I don't think anyone could sleep after having a couple of their heroes say your name on a show that you love.


Like I said in the post when I got the first shout out, It's like Harry Potter mid movie just stopping and commenting on how sweet my haircut is and how my jeans are pretty cool & me being like....Harry was talking about me! Did you all see that?!

I'm super proud & excited to be doing the cartoons and super glad for the sponser (the Fleshlight- The #1 selling male sex toy in the world) that throws the salary my way.

The money is an awesome bonus, but it's pay enough that Kevin & Scott & the youtube commenters liked my cartoons.

If you aren't checking out SModcast or you haven't checked it for a while take a look!

It's turning into a Smod network with weekly shows>>

Monday- SModcast

Wednesday- Mo & Glo

Friday- Tell 'em Steve-Dave

It's all free!

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lol funny