Sunday, December 05, 2010

Stop Motion Madness

Here's some behind the scenes photos from SModimation 10 - Smerry Christmas

Here's early Ru-Scott. Styrofoam balls and wire.

2 Christmas bears from the dollar store were sacrificed to make Ru-scott

Little bit of hot glue...

Nail to hold up his mouth...

It's Ru-scott!

Then it was time for Kevin as the snowman

I had to make his Puck U jersey out of a couple of dollar towels. One of them was a leafs towel. Scandalous!

Little bit of hot glue..

Almost there..

Booya! It's a SnowKev

Setting up the shot..

Animating the characters..

A pic from the last shot.

Where the puppets reside today. On my shelf. Ever watching, staring, judging....


Corey said...

Dude, awesome.

Steve Stark said...

Thanks man!

Sabrina Alberghetti said...

Dude, those are the most amazing things ever.