Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ani-Jam! Richard's Dreams

Hello animators!  I was thinking of doing an Anji-jam for fun.  

Anyone want to be part of it?

Here's one I was part of way back in 06'

I though it could be based off of this obese cat we adopted named Richard.
He falls asleep, we animate whatever we want. A minute in length, or more, or less.  Whatever style , complete nonsense or narrative.  

It could be as abstract as the start of fantasia, or full on story. Could even be a Movie parody.   Should be fun.

Doesn't have to be completely based on Richard, it's a dream so it can be whatever.  It would be cool to have some kind of cat influence to link it up.  If you hate cats,  you can have him get hit by a car or something and that part can be a nightmare.

I've already contacted a few people to see if they want to jam.

Contact me at steve@starktoons.com if you want to be part of it.

I was thinking on having it for October, so there's plenty o' time.




I have really bad gas

-----ANOTHER UPDATE------------------------------------------------------------

Here are some reference pictures of Richard for the animators

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Frog God said...

Any plans to do Episode 2 of CARTOON LAGOON ?
do KICKSTARTER for money