Saturday, August 15, 2009

Holy freak! I gotta Cintiq

Thanks to all of you who voted for Turducken on Channel Frederator, I won the Quarterly prize. Wooohooo!!! It's a Cintiq that lets you draw write on the screen. Super cool!

Now I guess I'll have to stop using paper made from the most beautiful and rare of rainforests....damn, that stuff was the best.

A super huge special thanks to Channel Frederator and all you voters out there!!
Frederator Rules and so do you!

Highest of fives,

Steve Stark


macaronni said...

You rule man! :D

Eduard Brazier said...

THat is fucking awesome man, big congrats for turducken and grats on your cintiq!!

brapley said...

Wow man!! Congrats!!

Steve Stark said...


brapley said...

Your hand looks tiny in the last picture.

Steve Stark said...

I'm glad you picked up on that Brad. I had plastic surgery recently to reduce my hand size. Now I look awesome. All is right.