Thursday, August 27, 2009


What a week!

I was mentioned in SModcast 93: Alive with Pleasure. Kevin Smith gave me a plug on there as well. It was out-freakin-standing. (at about 12:30 mins into the show)

I am a HUUUuuuugggeee fan of SModcast. I've listened to it from episode 1. To be mentioned in it and have them say my website and give me some props blew my mind. My mind is still blown.

It's like going to see the new Harry Potter movie and Harry turning to the screen and saying "Hey Steve, yeah you..... 3rd row 5 seats in..... Cool hair! Also! heck of a pair of slacks!" And me just sitting there eyes all wide and mouth hanging open. Harry Fucking Potter just said my name! Did you guys hear that? That magical mother fucker was talking about me!!

Amazing. So unexpected and so awesome.

Check out this sweet news bit from news askew

I don't really know what twitter is yet...I'll have to get on there and try to throw a thanks at Kevin.

I've always had a bunch of Smod's that I had ideas for animating, so I will definitely do another after I finish up these other couple short ideas I have going.

So Thanks Again Kevin and Scott and all the people on youtube sending me the love.

That rocked my world.

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