Tuesday, September 08, 2009


It's a rock song, it's a sitcom....It's Bear-Horse!

Yes in freakin' deedy! I just uploaded a Claymation/Stopmotion thingy that is known as BEAR-HORSE!

I took a stop motion class waaaaaaaay back in 2006. I've always wanted to do something in clay. That being said.. it was extremely difficult.

Working with actors is a bitch! Especially when your actors can't lift their wire arms up to their faces. Plus I had no way of testing what I was shooting. So I just winged the heck out of it. Just using the picture review button as some kind of guide.

Mantra on this short? "That'll do pig...that'll do...."

I killed 7 horses and 11 bears and wore their hides to get into character. It was intense...but so worth it. So very, very worth it.

Incidentally, I have 3 spare BEAR-HORSE LIVES fruit of the loom t-shirts available in large if anyone wants one.

Watch Bear-Horse do to sitcoms what I've been wanting to do for a while.

On Youtube or Starktoons


keith wilson said...

Another Gem from Starktoons! Well Done!

Steve Stark said...

Haha thanks Keith!