Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friars Club Comedy Festival 2009

If all goes as planned (cross those fingers), I am getting flown to NY by the glorious Friars Club Comedy Festival to attend the festival and my screenings of Turducken.

Ravioli!? Holy Cannoli!!

This is sooooooooooo cool. The Coen brothers are going to be there!! I might even get to meet them, talk to them, quote their movies till they saunter away in disgust......


"Well, I don't want Fop, goddamn it! I'm a Dapper Dan man! "
"(under breath)...... security!"

If it's like the other festivals I've been to, I get to go to any screenings and panels and such for free. Good deal! Cause these special events look .....spec-tacular!

10:00 PM: Opening Night Party at the Friars Club, including a private reception with Joel and Ethan Coen at the Friars Club for VIP passholders.

12:00 PM: A private lunch with prominent Friars.

10:00 PM: Shorts Filmmaker Party -- a private party at the Friars Club with the filmmakers behind this year's lineup of shorts films.

12:00 PM: A private lunch with the Funny Fockers panelists, including screenwriters of Night at the Museum & I Love You Man.

10:00 PM: Feature Filmmaker Party -- a private party at the Friars Club with the filmmakers behind this year's lineup of feature films.

4:30 PM: Closing Party and Awards Ceremony

I'm a little low on the old casheeesh! So I'm staying at a hostel in Manhattan. I've never stayed at a hostel. My only experience with them is seeing the movie Hostel. I'm hoping when I stay at this NY hostel, rich people aren't going to pay elaborate sums to kill me.
Here's to hoping am I right!?? Plus a soft bed would be a distant second. Private shower third...but again being alive...#1 for sure..

Maybe I'll even win something! maybe? possibly? Why not me right?

Maybe I'll be able to meet someone who can help make "Turducken the Series" happen. A half hour of Turduckeny glory on TV. Let's do this!!

Turducken plays in the "Drop your shorts" program on Friday night and again as a trailer before the feature "Jesus People Film" which looks awesome.

If you are in NY or that general NY area....come on out! Do it! it...seriously


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