Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Animation Block Party 2010 - AMIH

Howdy doody partners! A Moment in History will be playing at this years ABP. I went to ABP in 2008 for Turducken's premiere. It was sooo much fun. It's where I met some NY friends and just plain fell in love with Lady Liberty. With her sexy green dress, her big ol' toes, her torch and that big crown thingy.

I'm gonna live in that city someday...oh yes....maybe the giant green ball & chain and I will get an apartment together. Those will be the days. I can't promise I wont cheat on her with other statues...but I can sure pretend to.

Anyhoo, If you are in NY check it out. ABP is always a good time. Plus, free beer! Not even Gandhi could say no to that!

Check it!

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