Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day! New SModimation!

Oohhhhh Caaa-naaa-ddaaaa~~~~!!!!

Sing it with me now!

How's about a Canadian themed SModimation on this day of days?

As Kevin says:

This episode stars "Gordo - the righteously indignant Canadian" from the SModcast episode 57: Terrorist Pizza.

In my own head Gordo & Smitty from SModimation #1 are brothers. I would love to see that family at a Christmas dinner. They'd be constantly yelling and snapping at each other & bonding as a family agreeing how everything happening in the world is hog shit. Plus! Let's not forget Smitty's compulsion for prostitutes with crotchless panties! That's just a recipe for entertainment.

Click here to view SModimation #5

Fun stuff!

Look at this kickass souvenir! Ming Chen just beat the hell outta Santa Claus for the #1 spot at giving awesome gifts. I never thought anything I've drawn would end up on a puck. I feel so Canadian. Thanks Ming!


While looking through sketch books for some character designs I did a while back I came across the original Aquaman & Smosier Fish drawings. Fun!

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